Data Recovery Software Features at CeBIT Australia

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Individuals and organisations who recognise the importance of keeping abreast with the latest technology should visit the AIIA Software Showcase at this year's CeBIT exhibition. Staged at Darling Harbour from May 24 - 26, 2005 the showcase will feature the latest and greatest software solutions that the Australian IT industry has to offer.

The AIIA Software Showcase enables Australian software developers to participate in CeBIT, a major international event for the ICT industry, to demonstrate their products and services to a professional local and international business audience of 30,000 potential customers, investment partners and distributors.

GetData, a software development company founded just over two years ago in Sydney, NSW, has a very intriguing company profile and a story that's sure to fascinate anyone who visits the GetData stand at the Software Showcase.

Graham Henley, a former Federal forensic investigator and John Hunter, formerly a State Police forensic investigator, identified the commercial potential for the data recovery techniques that they had developed and used for many years in their computer crime investigative work.

"Computer forensics was about finding the IT evidence that no-one knew was there," said John Hunter. "We always felt that our data recovery techniques had commercial viability. They were right.

Graham and John 'joined forces' with Dr. Brett Hunter, a physicist, in 2003 to establish GetData and develop the company's flagship product, the 'Recover My Files' Data Recovery Software program.

'Recover My Files' enables users to recover more than 100 file types - which no doubt sounds like a computer related 'godsend' to anyone who has accidentally deleted an important file.

The revolutionary product, which was launched to the USA retail market in early April, 2005, is the first Australian software product to get mass market distribution in the highly competitive US home and business retail market.

"Recover My Files is a well tested and proven product that can be used to perform hard drive data recovery, or recover deleted files from floppy disk, zip drives, compact flash cards, smart media or other removable media. It can find deleted files that conventional programs would never even know existed" advises Graham Henley, Director of GetData.

'Recover My Files' is the leading product in the suite of eight unique software products developed by GetData.

'Recover My Photos', which is targeted specifically at the digital camera industry, will also be on show at CeBIT. 'Recover My Photos' uses the same data retrieval premise as 'Recover My Files', but functions to recover photos, music and video

GetData are using the AIIA Software Showcase to launch their latest product, 'The Computer Security Tool'.

Ideal for the corporate world, 'The Computer Security Tool' enables users to quickly scan a computer or server to identify and 'lock down' security weaknesses or 'holes' which could be readily identified and exploited by hackers.

"There are three things that every computer should have - computer security, virus protection and firewall protection. If you've got those these three, then you've got yourself covered," advised Graham Henley.

The Computer Security Tool, which can be easily downloaded from the internet, is available in a basic version for the SOHO user and an advanced model, which is designed to offer IT professionals the complete flexibility to manage individual settings and lock down a system from attack.

The Computer Security Tool provides the user with regular security reports that outline any problems, configuration errors or potential threats that are identified on the computer system.

Further, the Computer Security Tool allows continually up-to-date security configuration from one simple interface.

Another unique product being showcased on the GetData stand at CeBIT is 'Explorer View'.

If you're sick and tired of having to double click on files, only to realise when Windows has launched, that you've opened the wrong document then Explorer View will make your day - time and time again.

Users simply press the 'F8' key and Explorer View opens a viewing window in Windows Explorer. Users can then preview their files in Windows Explorer - without having to double click and open the file - making searches to find specific documents much easier and far less time consuming.

Explorer View enables users to cut and paste, copy content or read the entire file, all from the Windows Explorer viewing pane.

Users can also utilise Explorer View to view graphics and photos, play videos and MP3s or preview documents that have been created in various applications, even if the software is not installed on the user's computer.

Graham commented, "We are looking forward to introducing our products to the IT industry at CeBIT. The AIIA Software Showcase will enable us to show both the professional and domestic user the enormous capabilities that our range of products can offer them or their organisation."

CeBIT Australia is Australasia's largest and most successful Information and Communications Technology (ICT) exhibition, with a proven record of delivering business value to its exhibitors. It is an international class event, attracting international exhibitors and key industry delegations and a large business audience - potential buyers, partners and distributors for your company. Only four years old, CeBIT Australia is growing at an annual rate of 20%. In 2005, CeBIT will feature 600 exhibitors and is anticipated to attract 30,000 visitors. GetData will exhibit again next year.

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